transmit trans‧mit [trænzˈmɪt ǁ træns-] verb transmitted PTandPPX transmitting PRESPARTX [intransitive, transitive]
to send out electronic signals, messages etc using radio, television, or other similar equipment:

• Data can now be transmitted at speeds up to 25 times faster than previously.

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transmit UK US /trænzˈmɪt/ verb (-tt-)
[I or T] COMMUNICATIONS, IT to send out electrical signals using a radio, television, or computer network: transmit data/information »

Bluetooth chips allow mobile phone users to transmit data over short distances to other mobile phones.

transmit a signal/code/message »

Voice over Internet Protocol transmits messages in small data packets.

be transmitted to sb/sth »

The company's in-house television station is transmitted to handheld devices owned by its employees.

be transmitted digitally/electronically »

Orders may be transmitted electronically from or to the Floor of the Exchange.

[T] to send something to another person or place: transmit sth to sb »

Your bank will transmit funds by wire to our central bank in New York.

be transmitted to sb/sth »

Tender offer materials that are transmitted to security holders must include the information required by paragraph (d)(1) of this section.

[T] to broadcast a programme on television, radio, or the internet: »

The BBC didn't transmit the documentary again, due to its controversial content.

[T] to cause or spread a disease so that a person or group of people is infected: be transmitted to sb »

Scientists say the disease is transmitted to humans by eating infected beef.

be transmitted by sth/sb »

Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes from human to human.

[T] to communicate information, knowledge, beliefs, etc. to others: »

Training appears to be an effective way to transmit information about diversity and its importance


The company uses the system of professional mentorship in order to transmit family values.

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